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nutrique mockup.png
nutrique mockup_edited.jpg


A nutrition tracking app that tracks and analyzes micronutrients, macronutrients, and supplements would allow users to input the meal they consume on a daily basis conveniently- just through their camera. The app would also allow users to set specific goals for nutrient intake and track their progress towards those goals. 

Smart TV mounted on the wall in the modern apartment_TV – 16.png
Smart TV mounted on the wall in the modern apartment_TV – 16.png

Cordial Connect

An android TV application that lets guests order food, request room cleaning, add-ons, and much more from the comfort of their hotel room. Guests can browse through a menu of food and drink options available at the hotel, and place an order directly from their hotel room's TV. Key features include ease-to-use interface, menu, buffet timings, order tracking, spa booking and other services.

Artboard – 1.png
Artboard – 1.png

Pitch- App Design is a collaborative presentation software. I designed the Pitch application for mobile when its actual app was still in development phase (beta version). Deriving inspiration from their website and desktop application, and focused on User Interface and Brand Guidelines, the project was appreciated by the team at Pitch. 

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