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Hey there,

I'm Vidhi

Interaction Designer

So far throughout my journey as an Interaction Design student based in Mumbai, I have had the opportunity to work on various multi-disciplinary design projects in areas such as UX Design, Research, Visual communication and Interactive installation. Feel free to take a look around to learn more about me and my work.

My recent projects


Mobile application for tracking macro,

micro-nutrients, supplements tracking,

with daily, weekly and monthly analysis.

Project Naiya

Design Hackathon 2023 winning project, a B2C marketplace Naiya,for sellers and consumers along the Ganga river route.

Cordial Connect

An android TV application designed for guests in hotels for a hassle-free and comfortable stay.

My recent blogs

Tugging at Heartstrings: How Emotional Design is Transforming User Experience

tech blog.png

Talking to Tech: The Rise of Conversational UI in Digital Products

inclusi blog.png

Colors of Care: The Benefits of Inclusive Design for Everyone

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